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Wildlife Interpretive Centre

Our Wildlife Interpretation Centre located at the top of the Summer Gondola is the perfect place to discover what makes life in Banff National Park uniquely spectacular.

We offer interactive presentations for all ages, short themed Guided Hikes around the centre and interactive displays to learn about our native wildlife and endangered species native wildlife. The Centre provides guests the opportunity to learn how to stay safe during their visit while exploring the area.

There will be interactive stations, ongoing short films and presentations in the theatre for your viewing pleasure. We provide a complimentary, interactive game where you can learn about our endangered species on the path to the Wildlife Interpretive Centre. Completion of the game comes with a certificate and the title of Junior Ranger of the Lake Louise Ski Resort.

Deer and Wolves and Bears, Oh My!

Ever wonder why deer don't eat meat, why wolves do, and why bears have become 90% vegetarian? During this 30-minute presentation you will find the answers to these questions while discovering the important role we can play in helping to ensure their survival.

The Bears Embrace: Coming Full Circle

Come join us on a journey to examine how human views, thoughts and feelings about the grizzly bear in the past have helped to shape the ideals of today. Discover the incredible impacts grizzly populations suffered during a time of fear and how embracing the bear is the only way to ensure this species survival.

Lake Louise….The Making of a Famous Landscape

Interested in learning more about Lake Louise? Then join us on a behind the scenes tour where we will reveal the recipe responsible for the production of this world-renowned scene.

An Unbearable Fate

How does the Park deal with a bear that breaks all the rules? Find out all about a legendary grizzly bear named Skoki, and help determine who really broke the rules in Banff National Park.

Living on the Edge

Life is tough! Who would live in a place with wind chills up to minus 65 degrees Celsius, very little food, and steep rocky slopes? Some living things are so well suited to this harsh environment that they would have a hard time living elsewhere. Find out how these unique creatures have made a living in the sub-alpine region of the Rocky Mountains and how we can help them survive.

Unsung Heroes

The non-migratory birds of Lake Louise. Learn how it takes more than a ski pass to survive the winter at Lake Louise.


The above programs run every hour. Shows vary day to day. All theatre-style presentations are complimentary with purchase of the Gondola ride.

Guided Hikes

Explore the stunning Rocky Mountain environments at the top of the Sightseeing Gondola or other locations in Banff and Yoho National Parks with one of our professional interpretive guides and learn about our unique wildlife, beautiful flora and rich history along the way!

More Details

Hiking Trails

Unescorted hiking is restricted to areas on the upper mountain only, and we strongly recommend hiking in groups of 4 or more people.

*Ask our friendly Interpretive Guides for details on Hiking Trails on the upper mountain.

Dine Only Rates - 2014

Stop by and enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast or lunch prepared fresh, and served daily in the Lodge of the Ten Peaks! For those who prefer something straight off the grill, our cafeteria breakfast and lunch menus are sure to please.

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