• 2017
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Mountain Guide

First Time Beginners of All Ages

The best place to learn to ski or snowboard is our beginner learning area. This fully inclusive beginner centre is conveniently located at the base area of the resort next to the Daycare and features 3 beginner carpet lifts. We highly recommend first timers take a ski or snowboard lesson to ensure their first experience on snow is the best it can be!

Beginners and Low Intermediates

Follow the green signs marking the "Easiest Way" ski runs, which can be found at the top of each lift at the resort. All lifts have a green, easy way down from the top.

Low Intermediates

For the next step, take the Glacier Express Quad and Run #9. Run #9, Wiwaxy, is a beginner's only run. The best beginner and low intermediate runs on the front side are runs #9, #55 and #56. The Glacier Express Quad services Run #9, and Runs #55 and #56 are serviced by the Grizzly Express Gondola.

The best backside green runs are runs #65, #109, #143 and #150. The Grizzly Express Gondola services Run #65, and Run #109 is serviced by the Top of the World 6-Pack Express. Runs #143 and #150 are found on the Larch Face. To get to the Larch Area, ride Grizzly Express Gondola and follow Run #65, past Paradise Triple Chair and Temple Lodge, to the Larch Express Quad where Runs #143 and #150 are recommended. Return to the Front Side and ski resort Base via Ptarmigan Quad Chair Run #55, or Run #56 to Run #9.

Please note, beginner and lower intermediate skiers/riders, should avoid runs serviced by the Top of the World Six Pack Express Chair when visibility is poor.

Intermediate and Advanced Skiers & Riders

Run #59 should not be missed, nor should the combination of Runs #39 and #8. Run #148, Larch, can be delightful. Run #132 reached by Summit Platter, is a tremendous high alpine experience that is definitely worth a go whenever visibility is good.

For those skiers and riders who are seeking the thrills of black diamond runs, focus your attention to the backside alpine bowls, where areas like Jackpot will offer you a wide variety of super challenging steeps and chutes. These are great areas to head to on days with good visibility. On snowy or cloudy/flat light days, high end skiers and riders will want to check out places such as the Ptarmigan Chutes (Runs #62 - #64), or places like Run #147 (Lynx run at the Larch Area) or the Men's World Cup Downhill Run #1, found on the front side of the mountain.

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