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Terrain Parks

Fresh air, freedom, and a sweet mix of features to thrill and challenge... where will our terrain parks take you?

This is the place to work on those jumps, 180s, and tricks to make’ em look. We have some of the biggest and best designed park terrain in the world. Skiers and boarders alike can enjoy a variety of small, medium, large, and extra-large jumps, rails, boxes, and other features. With distinct progressive lines for all levels, everyone from brand-new beginners to seasoned pros can embrace the exhilarating feeling of freestyle.

Please note: We typically have a small park ready for opening day. Additional parks are added as conditions allow (usually early December and into January). All parks are groomed daily.

Today's Park Status

A new park is open near the top of Glacier Chair. More features and parks are on the way. Stay tuned for updates.

Status: OPEN Features: 11 Jumps: 1
Boxes: 3 Rails: 6 Other: 1

Take A Virtual Tour Of One Of Our Terrain Parks

Use the interactive map below to explore the Boulevard Terrain Park from a previous season.

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Park Features & Locations

See below for current park locations and features as of January 18, 2020. Please note that park features may be updated without notice.

Boulevard XL Park

This park is located near the base of Glacier Chair.

Feature Size
Step Down Jump XL
Jump XL
Jump XL
Jump XL
Flat Square Bar XL
Street Style Down Rail 24' XL
Street Style Down Rail 30' XL
Quad Kink XL
Up Tube 18' XL
Butter Pad To Down Rail XL
Donkey Kick Tube XL
Down Square Bar 40' XL
Double Shotgun Donkey XL
Gap To Up Tube XL

This park is located just above the base of Glacier Chair.

Boulevard Park
Feature Size
Jump L
Jump L
Jump L
Jump M
Jump M
Jump M
Hip L
A-Frame L
Down Flat Down Box M
Whale Tail Rainbow Box L
Toblerone L
Flat Down Box M
Rainbow Rail L
A -Frame Tubby Tube L
Rainbow Box L
Berm Whale Tail Jump M
Pyramid Jump M
C-Box M
Staggered Rollers M

This park is located just above the base of Glacier Chair.

Triple Bridge Park
Feature Size
15’ box S
16’Tubby Tube M
24’ Battleship  M
16’ Tower Tube M
15’ Rainbow Box M
16’ Shotgun Rail M
Pole Jam to Bank L
26’ Tubby Tube M
18’ Raised Tower L
Feature Size
Skiers Right Jump Pad 1 M
Skiers Left Jump Pad 2 S
Skiers Right Jump Pad 2 M
Skiers Left Jump Pad 2 S
Skiers Right Jump Pad 3 M
Skiers Left Jump Pad 3 S

This park is located just below the top of Glacier Chair.

Easy Street Park
Feature Size
Flat Box M
Rainbow Box S
Beginner Jump XS
Jump S
Beginner Rail S
Jump S
Hip S
Flat Rail -
Tower Tube -
Down Round Rail -

This park is located on lower Wixaxy.

Park Rules & Safety - Using Terrain Parks

Terrain Park Rules

Be Park Smart

When riding in Terrain Parks, there are a number of specific etiquette and safety practices that all users should follow.

The basics of terrain park safety are outlined in the Smart Style – Park Smart Terrain Safety Program.

  • START SMALL. Work your way up. Build your skills.
  • MAKE A PLAN. Every feature. Every time.
  • ALWAYS LOOK before you drop.
  • RESPECT the features and others.
  • TAKE IT EASY. Know your limits. Land on your feet.
  • Before you drop in:
  • Read the entrance signs – each entrance is marked with a unique sign stating park terrain difficulty levels. Please follow within your ability and always be in control.
  • Take a warm up run – it is recommended that you take a ride through the park and check it out so you can get a visual of what to expect and the confidence to succeed.
  • Progression – to progress through jumps and features gradually increase the challenge and difficulty. Don’t attempt maneuvers that are beyond your ability.
  • Start small – if you’re new to riding terrain parks, we recommend that you start small with beginner features and get the basics down and work your way up. If you are having trouble, take a lesson.
  • Helmets are highly recommended.

Practice Park Etiquette

  • Don’t stop or sit on landings and knuckles – if you need to stop and take a break for a moment do not sit where people cannot see you.
  • Keep landings clear – never stop to take a break in a landing, bottom of roller or anywhere that you are not visible to riders uphill from you. Clear the landing area to avoid collisions.
  • Do not ride through landings. When not using features, stay off to the side of the trail, out of the way.
  • Use features in the manner in which they are intended. Don’t jump off the sides of the takeoffs. Save the takeoff lips for the people who want to ride the feature correctly. Practice riding on small jumps or rollers instead.
  • Do not snake – be courteous of your fellow park riders, call your drops and give people a decent amount of time and space when waiting to ride a feature to avoid cutting people off.
  • Slow down when exiting the terrain park.

Closed means closed – know when to avoid terrain and features

  • If you see a rope line, fencing, signs or bamboo across a takeofft it is up for a reason.  Please do not remove and do not ride those features. If you have any questions or concerns find one of the Park staff.
  • Let the Park staff do their job – if you see Park staff working on a feature, please skip that feature and come back when they are done.
  • If there are boards or skis in front of a jump, the jump is closed so go around the feature.

Terrain Park Webcam

Click on the camera feed below to view a larger version.