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Ski Tips With Edith Rozsa

Lake Louise Ski Resort is proud to provide the backdrop to Edith Rozsa’s debut as the new host of Ski Tips. Rozsa, a long-time host of Ski Television and former World Cup ski racer, brings her knowledge, insight and mountain passion - as well as Canadian Ski Coaches Federation and Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance certifications - to offer viewers practical tips to improve at every level in areas of technical and tactical aspects of skiing. More on Edith Rozsa.

The 50/50 Golden Rule - March 14, 2018

Powder skiing can be effortless when it’s done right. In the latest installment of Ski Tips, host Edith Rozsa shows and explains her “50/50 Golden Rule” which, if done right, will have you floating - instead of grinding - through pow.

Upper Body Stability - March 7, 2018

The upper body position significantly influences what’s happening on the snow. Skiing is a head to toe sport. In this week’s installment of Ski Tip, Edith Rozsa offers a few suggestions to gain efficient edge angles with a calm and stable upper body.

Regaining Your Centre - Febraury 20, 2018

"Skiing centred is the foundation of all ski tips and where you’re going to find the best results," say's Ski Tips host Edith Rozsa. Check out these suggestions to regain and reclaim that elusive centred and balanced position.

The Art (and necessity) Of The Pole Plant - February 3, 2018

You've heard it before and will hear it again. The pole plant is the key to timing. But in this week's installment of Ski Tips, Edith Rozsa goes deeper, showing and explaining how the pole plan is the key to proper rhythm and timing, no matter which part of the mountain.

How To Ski Powder - January 7, 2018

We all love it, crave it, want it. But, asks Ski Tips host Edith Rozsa, do we know how to properly ski it?

Upper Leg Rotation For Increased Power - January 7, 2018

In the second installment of this season’s Ski Tips, host Edith Rozsa focusses on the upper leg to bring additional strength, mobility and power to your skiing.

How To Properly Use Ski Shape - January 4, 2018

Over the next 12 weeks, Ski Tips host Edith Rozsa will show, tell and demonstrate how to take your skiing ability to the next level. Is this installment, Edith shows how to get the most out of your shaped ski.

Mastering Steep Terrain - March 31, 2017

In this edition of Ski Tips, host Edith Rozsa explains how to proactively and progressively master the steeps.

How To Use Visualization To Improve Your Skiing - March 24, 2017

THE MIND'S EYE – Using proactive visualization is a key component to ski improvement, say's Ski TV host Edith Rozsa in this week’s installment. Watching and analyzing your competition – or the skier that you’d like to emulate – and incorporating this into mental preparation can be a game changer.

The Art Of Bump Skiing - March 8, 2017

In this installment of Ski Tips, Edith Rosza tackles the art (and science) of finding balance and fluidity in the bumps.

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